• LOOKING FOR FINANCE? We offer finance product options via our panel of lenders & private investors to businesses that don't have access to conventional lending products.
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Lending HQ Commercial & Development is one of Australia’s leading brokerage firms specialising in residential and development finance

We work with some of Australia’s largest commercial development firms and have helped small business owners and first home-buyers reach their potential through highly competitive and strategic finance opportunities. Unlike the ‘Big 4’ banks we don’t let a previous credit default stand in the way of your future. From car finance through to commercial property development, we can develop a tailor made package to suit your needs.

Don’t have the best credit rating?

Don’t worry! Traditional lending firms will assess your credit worthiness based on previous debt history on your file. This typically means if you have had any defaults within the last five years you won’t be able to proceed with your finance. At Lending HQ Commercial & Development we do things differently. We don’t let old credit history get in the way of your future.

Development Finance(no pre sales required) from 6% Interest Rate Learn More
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LendingHQ Commercial and Development works with a large panel of private lenders and investors to ensure your lending requirements are met. We have a ‘YES’ attitude, and will work with you to make sure your experience is a pleasurable one.

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LendingHQ Commercial and Development has over 20 years experience in the finance and banking industry. We realised early on that the banks were becoming harder to deal with so put together a panel of private lenders and investors who will lend their funds for all types of loan requirements.

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LendingHQ Commercial and Development has a very large panel of private lenders and investors who want to lend their money. No red tape and professionalism that will allow a smooth transition from application to settlement. Our lenders and investors are happy to think ‘outside the box’ for all types of loan scenarios.